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VR Vue
Virtual Reality can now be at your fingertips. With the VR Vue Headset you can transform your smartphone into a mesmerizing 3D Virtual Reality handset. The headset supports both 3D video & games. This VR Headset is constructed of durable plastic & compatible with most smartphones. It fits smartphones up to 6.5 inch x 3.1 inch in size. These glasses come with adjustable, elastic straps to fit various head sizes. There is a soft, padded seal around your eyes that provides a comfortable fit on you face, and adjustable lenses that move side to side and forwards/backwards to give you the best viewing experience possible. There are also openings on either side of the headset for headphones or a charging cable. This cable free VR headset is very easy to setup. Just go to your App store and download and install the VR App of your choice. Next, slide the phone holder out of the front of the VR headset, snap your phone into place with the adjustable, spring phone holder. Now turn on your game or movie & slide the phone holder back into place in the VR headset. Adjust the lenses to your needs for the best possible viewing & enjoy the virtual reality environment. There is also a sliding plate on the front so you may use your camera to turn your whole world into a Virtual Reality experience. For imprinting purposes, you can have your logo imprinted on the large, sliding front piece of the headset.
ASI: 63776 | PPAI: 238818 | SAGE: 67071 | upic: PENDRIVE