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Mini Max Selfie Stick Snap
Compact & easy to carry, this Mini Max Selfie Stick Snap, can go where you go! This compact version of our Selfie Stick with Snap Remote has been updated to fold up to a compact 6 inches, so that you can easily take it on the go. The Mini Max Selfie Stick Snap extends up to 24 inches, and features a secure grip to hold your phone. No cords or Bluetooth needed. All you need to do is download the companion Camera App, & with a click of the remote, you are all set to start taking photos. It’s as easy as changing the channel on your TV Remote.  
• Featuring Anti-Slide Technology to keep your Selfie Stick at the desired length  
• Folds up to 6 inches  
• Extends up to 24 inches  
• Available in Black, Blue & Red only  
• Must download the required companion App (Snap Remote) to use the Selfie Stick  
ASI: 63776 | PPAI: 238818 | SAGE: 67071 | upic: PENDRIVE