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Quick-Charge Power Bank 1500
Quick charging & powerful are what describes the Quick-Charge Power Bank 1500 best. At a whopping 15,000mAh, this high capacity power bank can charge it all. From your mobile phone to your tablet or portable gaming system, the Fast Charging Power Bank 1500 will keep you charged. This power bank has quick charging technology built in, so that your devices will charge faster than ever before. Additional features include: 2 USB Charging Ports, Capacity Indicator Lights, & a Micro USB port to charge the Power Bank itself.
• 15,000 mAh  
• Quick-Charge Technology  
• Ability to charge your smart phone, tablets, portable gaming devices & more…  
• Capacity Indicator Lights  
• 2 large imprinting areas  
• 2 USB Charging Ports  
• Available in White with Grey Trim Only  
ASI: 63776 | PPAI: 238818 | SAGE: 67071 | upic: PENDRIVE