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All in 1 Type C Adapter
Wanting to get ahead of the game with the latest tech promo items? Look no further than our Type C Adapter series. This All in 1 Type C Adapter comes in handy when you need a Type C Connector, USB Connector and Micro SD Card reader. You can simply plug the Type C connector into the Type C port on your laptop (most newer laptops are so thin that they only have a Type C port and no USB ports) and then slide a Micro SD card in the Micro SD adapter portion and now you can pull photos off the Micro SD card onto your laptop. Then you can flip around the All in 1 Adapter and plug the USB Connector into the USB port on your laptop (if your laptop has USB ports) and then plug your Type C portable device, Such as your phone or tablet, and then you can transfer files form your phone or tablet onto your laptop. This adapter is available in gold and gray, and you can imprint on the colored casing.  
ASI: 63776 | PPAI: 238818 | SAGE: 67071 | upic: PENDRIVE