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It’s like a Roomba for your phone! When looking at your phone or tablet, do you ever think how dirty your screen is? Well, now with the Phoomba, you can get those smudges and fingerprints right off. Simply place the included microfiber cleaning pad on the bottom of the Phoomba, power it on, then place it on your mobile accessory and watch it go. For best results, put some pressure on it with your fingers and give it a little extra push and you will be amazed at how well the Phoomba cleans your screen. Not to forget, you can have your logo imprinted on the top of the Phoomba or on the 2 included cleaning pads.
• Mobile accessory Screen Cleaner  
• Easy Power On, then place on your device to clean the screen  
• For best results add a little pressure & push with your finger tips  
• Large Imprinting Area on Top  
• Full color imprinting option is available. Min. order qty. requird for full color imprinting on cleaning pads  
• Replace battery by twisting the top, middle piece counter-clockwise  
ASI: 63776 | PPAI: 238818 | SAGE: 67071 | upic: PENDRIVE